Artist Statement

“My intent as a studio potter is to inspire interaction with my pots through their sensual forms and colorful surfaces. The pots function as decorative objects which come to life through use. Interaction with the viewer/user completes their aesthetic potential as they contain, deliver or present food and flowers.  Preparing and presenting an inspired meal or arranging flowers in a specific vase, affirms our connection to identity, while elevating domestic rituals from the banal to beautiful.

The confluence of function, symbolism, technique and composition drive the evolution of new forms, patterns and glazes. My pottery forms and surfaces take cues from various cultures and periods in ceramics history, natural phenomena and ornament. Shape and surface compositions may evoke a season, landscape, architectural detail, or flower. The variables of form and surface possibilities offer the potential to layer meanings and influences.

Using Lantz clay, the red earthenware native to Nova Scotia, my wheel thrown and assembled pottery is decorated with slip, sgraffito, under glazes and polychrome food safe glazes. The forms are wheel thrown and rassembled using “Cut and Paste” technique characterized by gestural throwing lines, dynamic volumes and structural seams. The surfaces are treated with brushed white slip, sgraffito, under glazes and polychrome food-safe glazes. “